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Exterior architecture


TAIWAN - 2017


Taichung office building is an office tower located in Taiwan, designed by a renowned architect. Our team was very lucky to be entrusted to think about its interior, exterior and landscaping lighting. A highlight that should emphasize its elegant architecture.

This majestic tower visible in the night sky belongs to a bank. Its façade was therefore to reflect a certain prestige and Akari-Lisa Ishii was inspired above all by the architect's design in order to underline its delicate and pure style, in white.
Toyo Ito used the image of the plum tree as the basis of creation. The lighting has focused on highlighting the "branches" part of this design.
Outside, the landscapes have also been valued, whether the pedestals or the trees themselves.
Inside, the designer was in charge of the corporate parts: entrance hall, meeting rooms, elevator hall ... (except offices) where she chose to keep this line clean and stylish while highlighting the presence of the nature in the building.

Client : Fubon Life Insurances
Project Team : Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects
Dates : 2011-2017
Surface : 15 000 m2
Missions :
Office building construction
Architectural lighting design (interior and exterior)

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