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Urban & landscape


JAPAN - 2022


The 1st phase of our designed smartpoles installation in the famous Roppongi avenue (a trendy district of Tokyo) is finished and their design was a great success for the association of local stakeholders and users. This kind of mast is brand new in Japan.

These connected urban furniture are equipped with IT boards, cameras, speakers, etc. They are the fruit of a collaboration between designers Motoko Ishii and Akari-Lisa Ishii with NEC high-technologies.


Flow analysis would be a valuable tool for business owners on this busy street to refine their offer. This intelligent poles can detect the number of passers-by, their gender, their age group etc.

They have been set up in order to generate a useful database but in strict compliance with a privacy policy.

On different aspects (design, technology, requirements etc.), their creation required a deep reflection, a lot of precision were checked out through several phases of testing. Akari-Lisa Ishii had been asked in particular for this project for her knowledge of smartpoles, a technology still little present in Asia compared to Europe.

Client : Roppongi Shotengai
Collaboration : NEC & Motoko Ishii Lighting Design
Dates : 2018-2022
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