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Interior architecture


FRANCE - 2014

  IES Award of Merit


Reims is today famous for Champagne. During the First World War, it suffered tremendous damage as a frontline of conflict between Germany and France. Located on the outskirts of Reims, the fort was a site of fierce battles, and it was even briefly taken by German forces during a night. As it was the centenary year since the start of the Great War, large-scale renovations were carried out, which included full-scale renewal of the fort museum inside.

Having won this project through a competition, we chose illumination that accentuated the unique off-white of the local sandstone to light up the interior vault ceiling and create a sense of spaciousness and brightness, and we used small spotlights to light up the exhibits. Outside, we lit up the moat and exterior walls with amber colored LED to give the feeling of the flames of lanterns held by the soldiers at that time and expressed the contrast between new and old using the color of light. Inside, where abnormal humidity levels can occur, there were many technical constraints such as having to ensure that all fittings were waterproof. Nevertheless we created a light-scape that created effective accentuation of light among the shadows. This project also won an IES design award.

Client : Ville de Reims
Project Team : Atelier Lab
Dates : 2012-2014
Construction Cost : 370 K€ (lighting)
Surface : 12 000 m2
Missions :
Fort and museum renovation
Architectural and museography lighting design (interior and exterior)


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