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ITALY - 2016


CEREBA, the association of OLED manufacturers of Japan, requested Akari-Lisa Ishii to provide art direction of this new light source promotion in Europe.
The designer designed "OLED aureole" an impressive light art work taking most advantages with this new luminous material. This original objet was made with panels from three different manufacturers in order to develop all the potential creative palette.

Its shape, as well as its halo of light, certainly evokes the spirituality of many cultures. Some see a mandala, others a rosette, mosaic ...
The objet was presented at the main reception that celebrated the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Japan. It was then installed at the Japanese ambassador’s in Rome, which will receive many personalities of the two countries this year, among others.
Akari-Lisa Ishii also conducted a study about the subject : Europeans see in OLED a soothing, almost hypnotic feeling, while the Japanese would are seeking for more intensity, more light, more efficiency. A new way forward perhaps ...

Client : Cereba
Collaboration : Konica Minolta, Mitsubishi Chemical, Kaneka
Dates : 2016
Missions :
Light art creation

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