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JAPAN - 2010


The design of the “MIXALI” series of soothing light objects, which allow the enjoyment of beautiful color transformations at an easy-going rhythm, was made possible through the utilization of the characteristics of the two-color chip VxRGB-LED, originally developed by Mitsubishi Chemical, that uses violet chip LED and RGB phosphors. These are small illuminating objet works that are made from a combination of materials such as a clear acrylic that has an interesting contrast between frost and transparency, and a gently textured ceramic etc.

It can be charged by USB and applied as a decoration in an office, bedside table or hotel room. The products arouse users’ images through naming inspired by various shapes and colors such as the type called “aube,” which means dawn in French and is based on an image of sunrise comprising a combination of night-sky blue and daybreak pink, and the type called “dome,” which uses an acrylic cube hollowed out in a hemispherical shape.

Collaboration : Mitsubishi Chemical & Motoko Ishii Lighting Design
Dates : 2010
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