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Exterior architecture


JAPAN - 2018


On October 2018, Akari-Lisa Ishii lighted up Minami-za, Kyoto's iconic theater. After 3 years of rehabilitation, the architecture opened again to the public. Many local media attended the light-up ceremony by Akari-Lisa Ishii, Mr. Masato Takenaka (director of Shochiku) and the famous Kabuki actor Kôshirô Matsumoto. A great success for this respectable theater, built right next to Kabuki's birthplace.

For this lighting project, Akari-Lisa Ishii worked around 4 concepts to create the "Kyoto Minami-za - glamorous lights". Its black roof, one of the most representative features of Japanese architecture, is highlighted by a clear light like moonlight reminiscent of the Kabuki-za Theater in Tokyo. Its pediments are not only underlined but remain illuminated all night, as a nocturne symbol of the theater. The vertical lines of the pilasters are also enhanced, recalling the original structure of the first Kabuki stage (a simple plateau with pillars). Finally, a warm white light tone was chosen for the main and side façades, to keep them in harmony with the atmosphere of Kyoto's old city.
This rehabilitation entirely in LED has also an ecological advantage with a reduced consumption and a facilitated maintenance.

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