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FRANCE - 2013


“Whatever color, whatever shape, if you make an array of regularly spaced pole lamps inside nature, they are going to stand out as something artificial that has been placed there for a purpose. Is there a more organic kind of street lighting? However, ultimately, it must have a form that can be appropriately manufactured as an industrial product.” At an occasion of lighting up park in the suburbs of France, I suddenly came across a shape that was an answer to these nagging doubts that I have long held.

It is possible to avoid the uniform appearance by using a pole that has four arms connected one after another in a spiral formation that stretch out in angles like natural branches and by rotating each one in different ways at installation position. The “LICONIA” was developed from this idea. It gets its name from an exotic plant. By using such a design, the lighting of pathways, the up-lighting of trees and the provision of brightness around benches can be covered by one pole, which would enable a reduction in the number of poles used.

Collaboration : Selux
Dates : 2013
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