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Interior architecture


FRANCE - 2008


Kengo Kuma was in charge of the design of Paris’ first authentic Japanese tea specialty shop, and when he personally asked me to participate in the lighting design, I looked at the interior design that resembled a bamboo thicket and immediately began considering what kind of atmospheric light I would fill it with. While wishing to use light to accentuate the depth, multilayers, texture and hues of the icicle-hung bamboo and create a warm environment for the boutique overall, I wanted to realize a showcase with no glaring brightness, and so I concealed the lighting fixtures away from view and attempted a modest presentation. A design’s harmony is disrupted if the accentuation of lighting dominates the architectural space. So while I was wrapping this petite boutique in light, I held on to my belief that it must be somehow mistaken to allow architectural space where light alone stands out, just like no great stage exists which receives prizes only for lighting.


Client : Jugetsudo
Project Team : Kengo Kuma & Associates
Dates : 2008
Surface : 100 m2
Missions :
Retail and tea room renovation Interior and architectural
Lighting design

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