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FRANCE - 2017


This space simulating a hotel room.It has a bed, bedside tables and a set of furniture (desk, chair, bench). Here everything is white, pure, no frills ...

Actually, that’s the light who makes the decoration - a modulable one! Nowadays, the boutique-hotels set up a different decoration in each of their rooms, but in fact a visitor would enjoy only one, or two if he comes back... Here, for you, it’s all in one. A large projected image covers the surface of the bed and its head in order to metamorphose ambiance according to the mood of the client: you will pass from a classic decoration of baroque style, to tropical Balinese, pop-art in graffiti, to the universe of thousand and one nights...
This modular effect is achieved by the extremely compact projectors mounted on the light track.

Collaboration : Panasonic
Dates : 2017
Missions :
Light art creation

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