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Urban & landscape


FRANCE - 2013


Chantilly castle, located a little north of Paris, is known as a model of the Palace of Versailles. I was invited to cooperate in its light-up of the English Garden, which was to coincide with the opening of a luxury hotel and the 400th anniversary of the birth of this famous garden’s designer André Le Nôtre. Relying on the symbolism quintessentially inherent in European gardens, which abound throughout with mythical elements, we adorned the garden with the symbols of light.

We created a dynamic between the statues of Eros, god of love, standing at the edge of the “Island of Love“ and Venus, goddess of love, residing among the facing copse of trees by conjuring up a contrast of warm colors against cool colors. We installed floodlights in the shrubbery to symbolize the letter V of Venus. Due to its listing as an important cultural asset, our proposal was examined by the architects in charge of the historic building. As a result of hiding the fixtures under water and using other tricks to ensure almost no part of the current state of the garden was diminished by the lighting equipments, it became possible to enjoy a mythical nightscape. Apparently, it has become a popular site for holding wedding ceremonies among the elegant lights.

Client : Chantilly domain
Collaboration : Marc Dumas
Dates : 2011-2013
Construction Cost : 200 K€
Missions :
Renovation of classified garden
Landscape lighting design


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