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- 2022


Produced by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, this successfull exhbition, reissued in Sweden, revisits the history of the iconic garment, intimately linked to Japan. The kimono from every angle, or the portrait of a resolutely modern garment, across the centuries and continent.

The whole project team was delighted as well as those of the museum, as it’s perhaps one of the most beautiful exhibitions organized by the Quai Branly Museum. And these positive echoes were repeated at the opening reception on November 21.


The scenography of this exhibition is composed with three zones representing successive eras with coherent lighting. The tradition of the Edo period (1600-1868) is figured by the showcases  outlined by black wood slats and Japanese-like paper, inspired by the alleys in Gion district in Kyoto wrapped in soft lighting. The 19th century with the influence of Japonism in Europe marks the beginning of the fashion in shop windows with a lighting like in a boutique. The contemporarity is expressed by white curtains and a brighter atmosphere to enhance ceremonial outfits, amenagements by high brands such as by Galliano, McQueen, Miyake and artist’s collection (Freddy Mercury, Star Wars…).

The contraint of 50 lux on each piece led us to caress these precious historic textiles with a soft light to reveal materials, dyes, weavings, embroidery... not just magnify the splendid colors. Our favorite is the series of silhouettes of 4 mannequins, which surprises visitors.

Client : Quai Branly
Project Team : Sandra Courtine
Dates : 2022-2023
Construction Cost : 185 K€
Surface : 700 m2
Missions :
Temporary exhibition
Museum lighting

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